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In today’s changing economy and complex technological society, adults in the workplace need to keep their skills up to date. As a result, colleges, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits are developing training programs for adults and need educators to run them.

Get a certificate or master’s degree in Adult Education.

In this online program, you’ll learn about the history of adult education, prominent learning and teaching philosophies within the field, cognitive processes of adult learners, and approaches to adult education teaching and program design.

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What Can I Do With This Degree?

Adult Education graduates live and work across Indiana and throughout the world. As an alumni you’ll be prepared to excel in a variety of adult education careers:

  • Human resource training specialist
  • Human resource manager
  • Community college educator/administrator
  • Adult basic education teacher/administrator
  • Employee relations specialist
  • E-learning specialist
  • Community organization administrator
  • Student services professional
  • Continuing education provider

The Master's in Adult Education program worked perfectly for me and I gained so much from it. I felt connected to the instructors and other students, and it was this sense of community that made a huge difference in my education.

Jeanne Rieger

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