Dr. Paula Rooney

M.S.’75, Ed.D.’78

Dr. Paula Rooney was named the 13th president of Dean College in 1995. Guided by her visionary leadership, Dean College has achieved exceptional growth over the last two decades and experienced unprecedented success in enrollment, reputation and financial stability. Prior to joining Dean College, Dr. Rooney was the vice president for student affairs at Babson College. She formerly held senior academic and administrative appointments at Reed College, Colgate University and Indiana University. In 2019 Dr. Rooney began serving on the School of Education Dean’s Advisory Board.

Dr. Rooney was awarded the Bicentennial Medal from IU for her contributions to the field of higher education. “I am honored to be included in the group of Indiana University Bicentennial Medal recipients. IU will always hold a special place in my heart and a place in my soul. Not only did it provide me with the foundation for a rewarding and meaningful career, but it gave me my closest and dearest friends for life. My time at IU was the richest experience a student could ask for as I navigated a new home and experienced encouragement to bring my intellectual promise forward—that my thoughts and opinions were important and that I could make a difference. My days as a member of the University Division Staff are the memories that tell the stories of the differences we created in the lives of our colleagues and our students. Those days will never be forgotten, and those people will always be a part of who I am.”