Kelli Paul

M.S.’01, Ph.D.’06

Thriving in the Educational Atmosphere of IU Bloomington

Kelli Paul appreciates the value of a college degree. She also knows how expensive a degree can be, especially for a student coming from out of state. When Kelli began the educational psychology program at Indiana University, she was one of the fortunate students selected for a Women in Science fellowship that helped offset her tuition costs. Since receiving that fellowship, Kelli and her husband, Tim, have supported their alma maters so that others can have the same experiences they were fortunate enough to have.

Kelli’s studies centered on inquiry methodology and research, but it was not until her third year of her coursework when she began working at the Center for Evaluation and Education Policy (CEEP) that she discovered her interest in research methods as they applied to educational programs. After receiving her Ph.D., Kelli established her own research and evaluation consulting company where she uses her expertise to improve the implementation of various education-based programs and curricula by evaluating their effectiveness and impact on students. Upon the referrals of faculty and advisors, she has also assisted a handful students from IU and other universities complete their dissertations by offering her insights and expertise as a researcher. Kelli says that she uses the skills that she learned as part of her coursework from IU every day in her work.

Her involvement with students and faculty keeps Kelli well connected to the university, but it is really her two young sons who have all the school spirit. Kelli’s oldest son, age 5, might be IU Basketball’s number one fan. He knows each player by his name and number, can recite every game’s score from memory, and even re-enacts some of the most memorable plays. The family enjoys exploring and hiking through Bloomington’s many parks and taking advantage of the educational atmosphere of IU Bloomington.