Chris Weeks


Chris and Angie Weeks believe that the most important issue in education today is the retention of qualified, veteran teachers. Both took the Global Gateway for Teachers program and taught together in the Navajo Nation. “Teaching in New Mexico was an amazing experience,” said Chris. “It helped develop the ideas of what type of teacher I wanted to be and how rewarding it could be.” While teaching, Chris took up home brewing as a hobby. Earlier this year, they opened Wasser Brewing Company in downtown Greencastle. “My brother-in-law suggested I tie the business to my desire to improve education,” said Chris. “We’ve committed ourselves to using two percent of our profits annually to support education programs that make a difference.” They’ve created the non-profit Wasser Foundation. Anyplace Wasser beer is served, teachers can apply for grants to support quality programs that improve education. “Leaving teaching wasn’t easy,” said Chris. “We’re committed to the idea of public education and making a difference in people’s lives. But now we just make people happy with beer and food.”