Instructional Consulting


  • Individual consultations for the purposes of teaching improvement and/or innovation
  • Collaboration on instructional development and instructional technology
  • Guidance for development, teaching, and management of online courses
  • Suggestion of resources and campus support for course development
  • Design, collection, and interpretation of student feedback
  • Referrals to and connections with CITL and other resources on campus

Services Not Provided

IC is not properly staffed to provide clerical or teaching assistant services, such as creating course-sites, producing media, or helping with faculty workload, nor is this part of our mission. However, IC would be happy to train faculty, staff and AIs to enable them to be productive in these areas.

Instructional Resources

Instructional Continuity Resources

*NEW* Spring 2020 Course Feedback Survey

If, as an instructor, you would like to solicit feedback from students regarding their learning experiences this semester, we have created a survey for instructors to import into each Canvas course they're teaching this semester and ask their students to complete. Note: Do not administer the survey if you have fewer than 5 students in your class. Here are instructions for importing the survey into your Canvas course.

Instructional Consulting is offering interns to provide instructional design services to School of Education faculty who are or will be teaching online in the coming academic year. Under the supervision of the head of Instructional Consulting, the 2020 summer interns will provide approximately and up to 160 hours of work dedicated to your project, according to its scope. This work may include analyzing requirements and designing, developing, and implementing online instruction in Canvas. Proposed projects may range from a few hours of assistance with a particular task to an entire course redesign. To apply for an intern’s services, please complete the application form by Friday, May 1.

We've seen reports of 'Zoombombing,' which is disruption of a Zoom meeting by an uninvited person who usually takes advantage of screen-sharing to display inappropriate images. This Google doc by Michelle Pacansky-Brock describes various ways to deter or deal with such interuptions. If it happens to you, the quickest fix is to share your own screen; as the host, your screen-sharing overrides that of anyone else in the meeting. Update: IU's Keep Teaching website now has information on using Zoom's privacy and security features.

If you're planning to use Canvas Groups so your students can collaborate in small groups on assignments or discussions, we've created a module to scaffold students in using the features available in groups, which include Pages, Files, Discussions, Announcements, and Collaborations. Here's a PDF with the link to the downloadable module and instructions for using it in your Canvas course. Note: Canvas Conferences, a video conferencing tool, is no longer available in Canvas.

As you're planning to move your classes online, you should consider your students' needs, preferences, and circumstances. We've created a brief Canvas survey that you can import into your course and ask your students to complete. Here is a PDF version that you can preview. And here is a PDF with the link to the downloadable survey and instructions for using it in your Canvas course. If you need help, feel free to contact Instructional Consulting.

During IU's move to remote teaching, we are maintaining a list of the best resources to support instructors:

IU Resources

*NEW* Webinar recording on Bridging the Digital Divide: Teaching with Empathy and Equity in the Wake of COVID-19 [Kaltura video] presented March 24, 2020 by IU's Jessica Calarco, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sociology. This related resource list [pdf] includes links and information on low-cost internet and devices, digital accessibility, mental health services, housing and food insecurity, and well-being and social connections.

Keep Teaching website [IU’s primary resource] This site is being updated frequently with information on pedagogy and technology. See in particular the modules available in Canvas Commons that you can import into your Canvas courses that will help students learn tools that may be unfamiliar to them. As always, if you need help, contact Instructional Consulting.

Instructional Continuity in Emergencies [pdf from SoE Instructional Consulting] We are recommending live Zoom classes only as a short-term solution. Consider ways in which you can engage your students through asynchronous learning activities and resources with formative feedback. This document describes numerous instructional methods and links to videos and further resources for using Zoom and Canvas.

Zoom Demonstration [video from SoE Instructional Consulting] This 20-minute video covers many of the tools you're likely to use in Zoom. This webpage provides much of the same information in written form. Due to bandwidth issues and student access, we suggest that you move to asynchronous instruction as soon as possible. We recommend using Kaltura to record short lectures/presentations and make them available to your students in Canvas. This video from Instructional Consulting covers the basics of recording with Kaltura and publishing to Canvas.

CITL webinars

CITL blog

Other Resources

QM Emergency Remote Instruction Checklist [Google doc from Quality Matters] This checklist provides solid recommendations for where to start in transitioning to remote teaching, what the next steps are, and longer-term considerations.

Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start [The Chronicle of Higher Education]

So You Want to Temporarily Teach Online [Inside Higher Ed]


IC Quick Tips

One of the most common requests we receive is for assistance in copying contents from a previous version of a Canvas course into a new version. See all of our short demonstration videos on our IC Quick Tips channel in Kaltura.

IC Newsletter

Instructional Consulting produces a brief newsletter that provides information about workshops, events, and other resources related to teaching and learning. To subscribe to the IC newsletter, send an email to Note: You will receive an email prompting you to confirm your subscription. Click on the link in the email to complete the subscription process.


EdStart is a series of casual "lunch & learn" sessions intended to share knowledge about and stimulate interest in various tools and technologies that can help you manage, enrich, and enliven your courses. Every few weeks we'll examine a tool that you can use in your teaching and discuss related methods, issues, personal experiences, and more. Bring your lunch and I'll bring cookies :) See the SoE Events page for future EdStart sessions.

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