Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Mentoring is a major component of the DEI office Ongoing Support function. DEI Student Ambassadors serve as college mentors for high school students sharing stories about college life, walking students through college and scholarship application processes, and providing both academic enrichment and social support.

ODEI provides year-long mentoring for current high school seniors to support the high school to college transition:

  • Mentor Year

ODEI provides support for currently enrolled college students in the form of:

  • Peer mentoring opportunities in conjunction with FASE
  • Leadership and social support opportunities through student organizations
    • Balfour Us – Balance for Underrepresented Students
    • Community of Diverse Educators (CODE)
    • Students of Education for Equity and Diversity (SEED)

We also aim to bolster Black, Latinx, and indigenous faculty retention through:

  • Diversity Networking Lunches/Gatherings

Faculty DEI Ambassador Program

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