Balfour Scholars Program

Balfour Scholars Program

Our Purpose

Although the achievement gap is narrowing at the K-12 level, barriers to college enrollment still continue to exist for many traditionally underrepresented groups. Supported by a grant from the Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee, the Balfour Scholars Program (BSP) is a free program for high school juniors designed to help cultivate student academic and career development as well as minimize misperceptions about affordability, unfamiliarity with higher education, and difficulties with cultural adjustment that prevent students from successfully matriculating and graduating from college.

This program is designed to maximally benefit students. On a fundamental level, the program teaches students how to become a stronger scholar, manage finances, choose an academic major, and evaluate career options that best suit their interests and abilities. Additionally, the BSP takes student development further by connecting Scholars with mentors and helping them to not only succeed, but to become leaders. However, we understand that students are interested in more than just academics. Therefore, the BSP introduces Scholars to the social aspects of college life and shows them the student clubs, campus events, and cultural activities that college has to offer.

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