IUIE Reports: The IU Information Environment (IUIE) houses a wealth of information. Commonly used reports are saved in the College Finance folder. Just navigate to Shared Folders, then College Finance, and run pre-defined queries for CSF Tracker, Detail Transactions (for Monthly Reconciliation or Negative Cash Balances. 

College Personnel Budget Report: Quickly accessing employee funding has never been easier. Type in any account or part/all of an employee name and Run Query. Check the Account Detail box for account, object code, and classification detail.

Pivot Table documentation: Pivot tables can help summarize and organize data in Excel. Learn how to create your own here.

ETA-Web: Use the ETA-web to access IU Foundation accounts, balances, and details.

Research Admin Dashboards: Have contract and grant questions? RA dashboards are a good place to start.