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James joined the School of Education as Interim Director of ETS in June 2020 while continuing his duties as the Group Manager for IT Community Partnerships in UITS.

He has been working with the School of Education in a variety of consultative as well as hands on capacities for over a year and has a rich history working in IT functions at Indiana University for the past 30 years in information systems, methodologies and data in the social sciences.

Prior to his position in UITS, James served as the Director of Leveraged Resources within the College of Arts and Sciences IT Office (CITO). There, James managed the Technical Services and Support Services Teams within CITO, as well as worked with UITS, schools, units and departments across the University to leverage, develop and deliver a variety of IT resources, and IT-driven services and policies that support teaching, research and administrative process within the College and at Indiana University. James’ work spans the development of the Social Science Research Commons, supporting research involving Common Pool experimentation and the work of Nobel Prize recipient, Elinor Ostrom, and systems governing access to sensitive data for social science researchers.

James’ current interest aligns with his work within ITCP, specifically centering on how IT affects and is influenced by key areas of institutional change; and how an effective evolution takes place between enterprise services and support and the unique environments and needs of distributed IT. James taught within the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) for ten years.

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