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Instructional Systems Technology
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Fall 2011 Residential (Dr. Frick), Fall 2010 Residential (Dr. Frick), Fall 2009 Residential (Dr. Frick)

Course Description

Problems of research are taken up with special emphasis on research designs for instructional systems technology. Students participate in the various aspects of a research project, including the writing of a research report. This course is part of IST inquiry sequence and serves as IST’s doctoral linkage courses.

Goals of Course
  • Conduct interviews for needs assessment (qualitative method).
  • Do content analyses (qualitative method).
  • Conduct usability evaluations (qualitative and quantitative methods, problem diagnoses).
  • Write report describing needs assessment, results, usability evaluation, results, and recommendations (for client and instructor).
  • Analyze existing data with SPSS; present and interpret results (quantitative methods, tool skills).
  • Critique research reports done by others.
Major Learning Activities/Tasks:
  1. Conduct interviews in pairs and report detailed results for each interviewee.
  2. Conduct usability tests in pairs and report detailed results for each subject.
  3. Write team report on needs assessment and usability evaluation and submit to instructor for submission to client (team with individual contributions).
  4. Analyze survey data and write brief report with tables and interpretations of results (individual)
  5. Present summary of research study to class and lead discussion of its critique (individual)
  6. Write paper using APA style that critiques a research study in our field that includes description of study, criteria used, justification of criteria, application of criteria and conclusions of evaluation (individual).

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