Graduate Student Portal

Policies for All Graduate Students

Workshops, Correspondence, and Activity Courses

Up to nine (9) hours of credit gained through workshop courses (including conference and institute courses) may be used in master's and specialist degree programs. Some workshop courses are identified by the word "workshop" in their title. Other workshop courses are taught under regular course numbers. The Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, following guidelines provided by the School of Education faculty, has the responsibility to determine which course offerings are to be counted as workshop courses.

Correspondence courses and activity courses may not be used in graduate programs. Activity courses are courses for learning and practicing a nonprofessional skill, such as a sports activity or playing a musical instrument.

Courses Taken by Nondegree Students

Nondegree students in the University Graduate School are subject to the same rules that apply to special students in the School of Education. Courses taken as a nondegree student may or may not be allowed to count in graduate degree or licensure programs. This judgment will be made by a program advisor and by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies (Bloomington) or by the Director of Student Services (Indianapolis) after the student has been admitted to a graduate program. Fifteen (15) credit hours is the maximum number taken as a nondegree student that may normally be counted in a graduate degree or licensure program.