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Photo of Christina Wright Fields, Director, Balfour Scholars ProgramBalfour Pre-College Academy - Testimonials

2013 and 2014 BPCA took place on Indiana University-Bloomington's (IUB) campus. Thanks to IUB, participants, and staff for making the program a success! We can't wait to grow with you for the 2015 Pre-College Academy.


Testimonials from Pre-College Academy students

Becoming college-ready

Yes, my [post-secondary] expectations have changed.  Sometimes it makes me cringe about going to college because of the funds, materials, the time management, and the overall process of college.  Even though, I am scared, I am already prepared for it a year in advance so now I will really be prepared for college.

My [post-secondary] expectations have changed for the better.  It is so reassuring knowing that college is full of people who know what they are talking about and full of students who want to be there. 

My expectations have changed in that I did not know that financial aid was available but now I do and that takes the load off a bit.

Academic rigor of college

2013 BSP students during a classroom activityI thought college was all partying and occasional work but college is actually rigorously hard work with miscellaneous activities in and out your schedule.

My expectations have changed because some people told me before that in college you actually don't get to talk to your teachers but in here I learned that you can talk to them.  I also obtained the experience of what a real lecture looks like even before starting college.  It was very beneficial.

Balfour Scholars feeling inspired

My expectations have definitely changed.  Coming into this academy I really thought I was intelligent and smart, but little did I know everybody else has taken AP and many years of foreign language and has done so much more throughout their high school career.  But honestly, this program made me feel like I can complete and accomplish anything.  That I do not need to take AP classes to be successful and that even if this program did not help me GET to college, it made me realize my full potential and that I am a scholar and my love for knowledge will never stop.