Preparing Educators of Students with Autism (PESA)

The PESA program is comprised of five upper-level graduate courses focusing on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The courses review current research and evidence-based practices in autism assessment and intervention and incorporate perspectives of individuals with ASD and their families. Completion of the five-course certificate provides evidence that you have developed, strengthened, and/or updated your knowledge and skills in the area of ASD at the graduate level. 

PESA courses are open both to students who wish to pursue a certificate in this discipline and those who wish to take them on a stand-alone basis or in fulfillment of a graduate-level minor. The courses may be used to meet requirements for a variety of academic programs, including the Special Ed M.S. and Special Ed Ph.D. Courses are offered completely online and are available to domestic and international students. Those who complete the full program will receive documentation on their university transcript.

We also offer independent study for courses that are not currently offered. Please contact us for more information.

Indiana University (IU) is a leading research institution with a broad international reach. The School of Education combines research initiatives with a strong teaching mission. Recently the IU School of Education earned top-ten rankings among public university graduate schools for five of its degree programs, including Curriculum and Instruction, which houses the PESA program. Extensive information technology support and instructional consulting are provided.

Student Experiences

"The online format gives me a chance to reflect on what I‘m going say and refine my ideas before posting them. From the beginning through the end, course expectations were clear and I could always go back and look at my instructor’s directions.”

“I feel engaged when I see the relationship between my readings and what’s going on in my practice. I am also surprised by how much I learn from the experiences of my fellow classmates. The information that they shared helps me see how what we learned can be applied in multiple settings.” 


This certificate program does not directly lead to teacher licensure. 

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