Initial License

Before You Apply

To receive an Indiana state teaching license, you will need to fulfill the following license requirements:

  • Complete your teacher education program, including student teaching
  • Take licensing exams for your selected content area(s) and have the results reported to Indiana University
  • Take a pedagogy test in the developmental area & your license
  • Earn your CPR/AED/Heimlich certification
  • Complete Suicide Prevention Training 
Changes to Indiana Licensing Exams

Check with the Office of Teacher Education before registering for any content area tests, or the pedagogy test.

How to Apply

When you have met all the requirements, you are ready to submit your online application to the State of Indiana.

  1. Log on to the Indiana LVIS (Licensing Verification and Information System) and create an individual profile.
  2. Upload your CPR/AED/Heimlich certification.
  3. Upload proof of Suicide Prevention Training.
After You Apply

After you submit your application, the state of Indiana will contact the School of Education to verify you have completed your teacher education program and confirm your licensing exam test scores. License applications will not be processed until all of your program requirements, licensing tests,  CPR/AED/Heimlich certifications, and Suicide Prevention Training have been completed. When your license is approved, you will receive email confirmation, along with your license number, from the state of Indiana.

You can start looking for a teaching position before you receive your license, but you will need a license number before you accept a position.