Add or Renew a License

We strongly recommend you continue to renew your Indiana teaching license. Even if you are working outside Indiana, or are not currently teaching, you never know where your career will take you. While you may not plan to teach in Indiana, our state’s array of reciprocal agreements with other licensing jurisdictions provides additional flexibility. This will make you eligible for teaching opportunities should you leave the state.

License Renewal

The length of your initial licensing period depends on the framework under which you were originally licensed. Under the Rules 46-47 licensing framework, licenses are valid for five years. Those who hold professionalized licenses may renew for 10 years.

Under the more recent Rules 2002/REPA framework, initial licenses are valid for two years, and renewal is dependent upon your participation in a mentorship/residency program under the guidance of an experienced Indiana teacher. However, if extenuating circumstances prevent you from taking part in a mentorship program (you are teaching outside Indiana, or have not yet found a teaching position), you can request a two-year license extension from the state.

Teaching License Renewal Requirements

For most Indiana teacher licenses, there are two ways to qualify for renewal: college or university course work and/or a professional growth plan approved by a building level administrator, superintendent, supervisor, or director.

If you plan to apply for a renewal based on course work you have taken at Indiana University since your original licensing date, the state will contact us to verify your academic record after you apply.

If you plan to renew your license based on a professional growth plan, work with your supervisor to provide the necessary documentation when you apply for renewal.

How to Apply for a Teaching License Renewal

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Teaching License Additions

Take on new educational challenges and advance your career with a license addition. There are two ways to add content areas to your Indiana teaching license. You can qualify by taking approved course work through an accredited regional institution. Or you can take the licensing exam if there is a test available for your chosen content area.

The School of Education offers license addition course work in several areas. We encourage you to discuss the benefits and requirements of license additions with your academic advisor or one of our licensing specialists to determine which fits best with your professional goals. 

Apply for an Indiana License Addition

If your Indiana teaching license will soon be up for renewal, you can apply for your license addition at the same time as your renewal. That way, you will only have to pay a single application fee.

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