Organizing Committee

Cheryl Hughes

Co-chair, Hospitality Manager

Cheryl is a Ph.D. student in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. At the same time, she is a Lecturer in School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. Cheryl has full-time lecturer appointment with a teaching load of six-eight (plus three additional summer courses) courses per academic year at IU-Bloomington. She is a member of professional organizations, such as the South Central Indiana Human Resources Association (SCIHRA).


Co-chair, Leadership Team Manager

Umida Khikmatillaeva is a doctoral student in the IST department. Umida received her 2nd master’s degree in IST department at the School of Education. She has been working on federal grant-funded projects for the last 10 years at IU. Her research interests include emerging technologies and their use in language education, online learning tools, and technology literacy training.


Co-chair, Volunteer Coordinator

Sabina Ramazanova is a first-year master's student in the IST department at Indiana University. She earned her undergraduate degree in English Language Teaching (ELT) at Azerbaijan University of Languages, Azerbaijan. She holds MA degree in Linguistics from Azerbaijan University of Languages, Azerbaijan. She is a holder of Fulbright scholarship from Azerbaijan. She is interested in distance education, LMS, MOOC content and education management.

Scarlett Winters

Communications Coordinator

Scarlett Winters is a doctoral student in the IST department. She has a special interest in adult education and online learning communities. She works as a job coach with people who have Asperger’s and designs supports for online community leaders for an international association.


Professional Development Coordinator

Fatih Ergulec is a Ph.D. student in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. He earned a B.A. in Computer Science Education in Turkey. He taught IT and programming courses in high school and university settings and has worked as graphic and web designer. His research focuses on the problem/inquiry-based learning, online instructional design and development, and technology integration in K-12 education.


Website Coordinator

I Kadek Purnawan is a master’s student from Bali, Indonesia. He earned his undergraduate degree in Language and Literature. He is currenctly a teaching assistant in the IU Drama and Theater Department assisting the Asian performance class. His major research interests include foreign language teaching, computer-assisted language learning (CALL), technology integration in language education, and teaching traditional arts and cultural performances through game-based instructions.



Zuheir Khlaif is a PhD student at IST department. He is an instructional designer experienced working in a higher-education  and K-12 setting in support of faculty to design courses and integrate technology into a classroombased, blended, or online course through iterative evaluation cycles.

Leadership Team Members

Selection Committee Team


Selection Committee Team Leader 

Alejandro Andrade is a 4th year doctoral student double majoring in Learning Sciences and Inquiry Methodology at Indiana University. Alejandro has experience designing and researching science and mathematics learning environments for elementary and middle school students from a constructivist perspective of learning.

Shuya Xu

Selection Committee Coordinator

Shuya Xu is a PhD student in the IST department at Indiana University. She recived her Master of Science degree also from the IST department at IU. She is interested in technology-enhanced language learning and teaching.


Selection Committee Coordinator

Orneal A. Brown is is a returning graduate student, in May of 2005 he attained his Masters of IST. He started as a Trainer for the Human Resources department at the University of Chicago and then chose to return to his preferred area of residence (Bloomington) to begin his work as an Instructional Consultant for the Kelley school from late 2007 until August 2013.


Selection Committee Coordinator

Ozgur Ozdemir earned his master’s degree in the IST department at IU and currently he is a second year PhD student in the same program. His interests include technology integrated classrooms and teacher professional learning. 


Selection Committee Coordinator

Ai-Chu (Elisha) Ding is a third-year doctoral student double majoring in Literacy, Culture and Language Education and Instructional Systems Technology. She is interested in technology enhanced language learning in bilingual education contexts.


Selection Committee Coordinator

Serdar Abaci is a PhD candidate at Indiana University in the department of Instructional Systems Technology. He holds two Master’s degrees; one in Instructional Systems Technology and one in Educational Inquiry, both from Indiana University. His specialties comprise Human Performance Technology, performance evaluation, training evaluation, instructional design, feedback, research, and needs analysis. 

Fundraising Team


Fundraising Team Leader

Najia Sabir is a Ph.D. student in IST. She is interested in technology-supported collaborative classrooms. Najia is also an Associate Instructor for CEL courses and works with the W200 sections. She is conducting research in instructional technologies and evaluating data from ILSA to create sustainable educational media for developing regions.

Hospitality Team


Hospitality Team Leader 

Michael Karlin is currently a first year student in IU's IST program.  Prior to this he spent two years teaching Computer Science in Colombia, South America.  He has also spent several years teaching in Korea and Kansas, where he is from.


Hospitality Team Coordinator

Gina Howard is a project assistant in the Center for Research on Learning and Technology at Indiana University. She is a first-year master's student in Instructional Systems Technology (IST) at Indiana University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Indiana University. In her free time, Gina finds interest in exploring a variety of performance arts, including defying gravity as she works to improve her aerial silks skills.

Registration Team


Registration Team Leader

Meize Guo is currently a first year PhD student in Indiana University, IST program. She received her bachelor’s and master's degree in Educational Technology from Harbin Normal University, China. She spent one year teaching Chinese in South Korea and another school year in North Carolina, US. 


Registration Team Coordinator

Her name is Madina. Currently, she is a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant from Kazakhstan for this academic year at IU. She is interested in promoting the benefits of modern learner-centered pedagogical methods, including learning by inquiry, ICT-based learning and collaborative learning techniques; and mechanisms to support her colleagues in positions of distributed leadership through professional development and social practice. 

Technical Support Services Team


Technical Support Team Leader 

Tom Edelberg is a second-year doctoral student in IST. Tom grew up in Santa Monica, California and arrived in Bloomington in Fall 2013. He has a B.A. in Communication Studies from UCLA and M.A. in Educational Leadership from California State University, University. He has almost twenty years experience in public and private secondary and postsecondary education, and he has an adult teaching and administrative credential from the Los Angeles County Office of Education. Before coming to IU, Tom worked in the technology department at The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California.


Technical Support Team Coordinator 

Kortney is in her last semester of the IST Masters program. She currently works for MCCSC as a substitute teacher. She also has an ongoing internship with Orbis Education in Carmel, IN, where she produces LMS tutorial videos for various universities and programs. After graduation she will seek employment as an Instructional Designer.


Tehnical Support Team Coordinator

Hamid Nadiruzzaman is a 1st-year Ph.D. student in the Instructional Systems Technology (IST) Program. He is also an associate instructor for W200 course in the School of Education. Prior to join IST, he worked as a high school Math teacher in Kansas. He has taught both middle and high schools and coached various sports, including soccer, volleyball, tennis, and track. 

Professional Development Team 


Professional Development Team Leader 

Jennifer Schepars is completing the graduate certificate in Instructional Systems Technology. She has taught French and ESL at the secondary level, and for the last ten years has taught career development courses for various schools at IU. Jennifer is very passionate about creating interactive, engaging, and effective instruction. She hopes to utilize her skills and knowledge as an instructional designer in a corporate or academic setting.


Professional Development Team Coordinator

Yu-San (Trista) Lai is a first year master's student in Chinese Pedagogy and currently an Associate Instructor teaching Chinese in IU. She earned her bachelor's in English Education and a minor in Chinese Literature in Taiwan. She is interested in language learning in particular Mandarin Chinese and also have been involved in various activities, such as, international volunteer, NGOs, and leadership camp.


Professional Development Team Coordinator

Yanling (Lynne) Duan is a second year graduate student in Department of Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University Bloomington and going to graduate in May, 2015. Her interest is Instructional Design, Human Performance Technology and Evaluation.


Professional Development Team Coordinator

Ilona Marie Hajdu is a PhD student in the IST department. She joined the Office of Online Education in 2012 to manage office operations and ensure university compliance with state and federal regulations related to online education. Ilona has been with IU since 2008, and was formerly the associate director of client relations for executive education at Kelley Executive Partners.

Creative Work Team


Creative Work Team Leader

Vladan is a master's student in the IST department. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphics Communication and General Management from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). He worked for a non-governmental organization in Kosovo, managing a series of trainings for enhancing the return and reintegration of displaced persons. He received a Transformational Leadership Program scholarship aimed at developing a cadre of leaders to drive significant change in Kosovo.


Creative Work Team Coordinator

Fatih Gok is a first-year master's student who is currently discovering his research interest in the field of Instructional Systems Technology at indiana University. He recieved his bachelor's degree in Computer Education and Instructional Technology from Mehmet Akif Ersoy University in Turkey. He also worked there as a technical assistant and gained some working experience. He further promoted his academic career with most of Adobe design programs which he used to produce logo, banner, and website. He is currently conducting research on Massive open Online Cources with  Dr. Kyungbin Kwon.

Creative Work Team Coordinator

Kei Tomita is a PhD student from Japan. She is interested in visual design of instructional materials. Particularly, she is interested in how graphic designers make decisions about visual design of instructional materials. She also has published papers about online annotations and their effects on reading comprehension.

Marketing Team


Marketing Team Leader

Christy Deykes is a graduate student in Adult Education program.  She earned her General Studies undergraduate degree with a focus in Fine Arts. Currently Christy works as an Associate Director of Recruiting and Marketing for the Kelley Direct Program at IU.  Her current interests lie in the area of the evolution and future of adult online education.


Marketing Team Coordinator

Chaoran Wang is a PhD student in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education at Indiana University. She received her bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from Nanjing Normal University, China. She is interested in English as a Second Language/ English as a Foreign Language, and computer-assisted language learning.