Research Seminars


  • Update Information from the Human Subjects Office

    10/01/2015 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
    IUB - ED 2101, IUPUI - ES 3138B


    • Sara Benken (Associate Director - Team 3)
    • Adam Mills (Research Compliance Associate - Team 3)
    Update Information from the Human Subjects Office:
    How to submit initial and post approval review requests
    through the KC (Kuali Coeus) system

  • Jessica Nina Lester Research Presentation

    03/06/2015 3:00-4:00pm
    IUB - ED 2101 IUPUI - ES 3138F


    • Jessica Nina Lester, Assistant Professor, Inquiry Methodology
    Discourse Theory and Analysis: Making Sense of Everyday Interactions

    Much of Jessica’s research focuses on the theoretical and methodological application of discourse theory to the study of everyday interactions and social life. Her theoretical, methodological, and empirical work in discourse studies is interdisciplinary and has been applied to a variety of contexts, including pediatric clinics, classroom environments, and state policy meetings.

    • An introduction to the field of discourse analysis, highlighting the theoretical and methodological foundations and implications for the study of everyday interactions;
    • Examples drawn from research in clinical settings and educational contexts, illustrating the methodological and practical implications of discourse theory and analysis;
    • A discussion of the application of discourse theory and analysis to new substantive areas and applied settings.