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MCCSC Research Requests

Instructor Resources
MCCSC Research Requests

In cooperation with Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC) protocol, we have developed the following procedure for all requests to conduct research in the MCCSC schools.

Please read I-IV entirely to understand the whole process.

To conduct research in MCCSC schools you must first complete the following.


Complete the Human Subjects process at

Include one digital copy of the of the approval letter you receive from the Office of Research Compliance in your research request.

We will not submit your research request to MCCSC until we have these documents on file.


Complete the Request for Permission to do Research in MCCSC Schools. Be sure to sign all forms, and, if you are a student, also get the signature of your faculty advisor or instructor.

Scan the signed copy of this form, and submit it as part of your research request.


Complete the Research Synopsis Form, and save the document as a pdf file. Include this document with your request.


Don't forget to include the following documents, if applicable to your research.

Please note: the more information that the schools receive regarding the instruments and processes used, the faster your request will be processed:

  • Parent Information Letter(Item IV on Research Synopsis)
  • Parent Consent Form(Item IV on Research Synopsis). School corporation policies require permission letters in virtually all research situations involving children.
  • Any other test instruments or research materials.Any instruments or research materials the Human Subjects Review committee required on your application (Part I).
  1. Submit electronic copies of all of the materials listed above to Heather Winne at
  2. Completed materials will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate MCCSC administrator.
  3. If approved by the administration, materials will then be forwarded to school principals.
  4. The school principal will then review the request and approve or deny the request. The final decision will then be returned to Heather Winne, who will forward the outcome to you as soon as it is received.
    1. **Inquiries about the progress of the request should only be made to Heather Winne in the Office of Clinical Experiences, Educ. 1057 (812-856-8745
  5. If your request is accepted, you may then make whatever scheduling arrangements are necessary with school principal(s).
  6. When research is complete, researcher is asked to submit a summary to the Office of Clinical Experiences, Educ. 1057 in compliance with permission agreement. (*See Item IV on Research Synopsis.)

The following suggestions are offered to help researchers present their request to the MCCSC in a manner most likely to be acceptable so that requests can be routed to schools and teachers with as little delay as possible:

  • Read the instructions on the various forms carefully. Avoid delays that will be caused if forms must be rewritten. Be sure to deliver various forms to their proper places (see instructions) and have them correctly signed.
  • Attach copies of all relevant materials to the Request for Permission form, including: human subjects approval, your research proposal, instruments to be used, and information about availability of films or other materials which cannot be attached.
  • Be sure that you have carefully evaluated the requirements for time and the number of pupils needed. Excessive time and pupil requirements are the most common reasons for requests being rejected by school officials.
  • Regarding the Parent Information Letter and the Parent Consent Form: if you are not accustomed to writing this type of letter, email Heather Winne and ask to see some samples.
  • Approval of research requests may take up to 6 weeks. Therefore, please submit all necessary documentation in a timely manner.

In addition to this protocol all research done that involves minors must comply with the Policy for Programs Involving Children.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with thePolicy for Programs Involving Children. There are three main components:

  1. Notification: If you happen to suspect that a child is a victim of child abuse or neglect, you have a legal obligation to notify Child Protective Services, 800-800-5556, or the IU Police Department. This policy will also require you to notify the IU Director of Public Safety as well, 812-855-4296.
  2. Background Check: Each individual working with minors on or off IU campus must have an up to date background check completed through our University vendor. The process will involve your completing a Background Check Consent form and providing certain pieces of information that facilitate the check, as well as an account number. These checks are run through Human Resources on the fourth floor of the School of Education or your own campus HR department if you are not a SoE researcher and are good for five years.
  3. Program Information: The principal investigator or program organizer must submit information about the program via OneStart to notify the University of certain information about the research study and/or event(s). This form must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the start of a program. Log on to OneStart under Services, Protect IU to complete the form.

Questions? Call Heather Winne at 856-8745 or email