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Natasha Saelua
NSSE Project Associate
Eigenmann Hall Room 420
Phone : (812) 856-5824
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Department:  Center for Postsecondary Research
Affiliations:  Higher Education and Student Affairs (doctoral), Inquiry Methodology

Natasha Saelua is a doctoral student in higher education at Indiana University, Bloomington. She received her master's degree in Asian American Studies from UCLA, and her bachelor's degree in history also at UCLA. Prior to her graduate studies at IU, she served as associate director at the Community Programs Office at UCLA, supervising administrative and advising staff and conducting departmental evaluation. She has also worked as a community advocate for Pacific Islander and Asian American/Pacific Islander education policy in the state of California, and serves as a founding board member of Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC), a national non-profit organization that supports research, advocacy and engagement of the Pacific Islander community.

Research interests: culturally engaging campus environments; Pacific Islander college students


    B.A. History - UCLA
    M.A. Asian American Studies - UCLA
    Ph.D. Higher Education (minor Inquiry) - Indiana University, Bloomington (in progress)
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