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Mariella I. Arredondo
Research Associate
Eigenmann Hall Room 1101
Phone : (812) 856-1778
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Department:  Center for Evaluation and Educational Policy
Affiliations:  History, Philosophy & Comparative Education
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My research interests are interdisciplinary and focus on equity in education.  This work centers on educational policies, practices, curricula, and interventions/solutions targeted at narrowing disparities and eliminating stratification and inequality in educational opportunities, both in the United States and globally. In my work, I have examined impediments to educational equity, such as racial/ethnic disparities in exclusionary school discipline, as well as focused on the development, implementation, and assessment  of language/cultural education policies focused on improving the educational access, survival, and outcomes of under-served students.

My work as research associate at The Equity Project (Center for Evaluation & Education Policy) has been focused on successfully implementing a three year project Discipline Disparities Research to Practice Collaborative aimed at reducing racial/ethnic disparities in education. The Collaborative, an inter-disciplinary, multi-state, and highly diverse group of twenty-three nationally recognized researchers, advocates, policy groups, and practitioners, met face-to-face with diverse stakeholders across the nation to fully understand the context of disciplinary disparities in order to create a set of evidence-based and grounded recommendations for addressing disciplinary disparities.  The project's outcomes include a set of four informational briefs with targeted recommendations customized for different audiences; the support of a national conference – Closing the School Discipline Gap; and the commission of a set of eleven new research projects that address among some of the more pressing needs of the field, particularly the development of new effective interventions to close the discipline gap, which will be part of an edited book entitled "Inequality in School Discipline: Research and Practice to Reduce Disparities."

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I am interested in expanding my research agenda to examine how international and multi/intercultural education can serve as a framework for equity and social justice in the U.S. and abroad, and its connection to citizenship formation and cultural revitalization. Specifically, I am interested in developing educational strategies that can prevent school failure and reduce dropout by using approaches that eliminate policies and practices that hinder equity, target low performing disadvantaged schools, and that are aligned with other government policies, such as housing or welfare, to ensure student success.

For my work with pre-service and in service teachers, I am interested in developing and implementing collaborative exchange projects and programs using new media, art, technology and performance to bring about intercultural knowledge exchange as a way to transform domestic classrooms into spaces where students/future teachers regularly encounter difference and become globally engaged. The use of media, technology, performance, and art can be a great contributor to being able to reach out to the world, bring diverse voices into classrooms/institutions, and guide students in representing potentially contentious issues in respectful ways that recognize and transcend boundaries. Moreover, art, technology, and performance can open up spaces where historically marginalized groups take on the role producers, creators, and sustainers of knowledge to pose alternatives to dominant discourses of what is valid in the world of art, academia, healing, and knowledge production.


  • Teaching experience at the higher education level.

  • Ethnographic research in the U.S. and abroad.

  • Program development and implementation of international exchanges for pre-service and in-service teachers.

  • Measurement and assessment of educational equity (policy and practice).

  • Measurement, assessment, implementation of internationalization in higher education (including global learning).

  • Implementation of comprehensive higher education internationalization programs.

  • Measurement and assessment of implementation of internationalization in curricula.

  • Implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of language/culture/disparities in educational policy.

  • Skilled in video production (filming, directing, editing). 

  • Skilled in desktop publishing, editing, project management, translation Spanish/English-English/Spanish.

  • Grant writing.                                                                                                                              


  • "Over the counter-development No mas!" -a documentary on “development”. The history of how this concept came to be, what it means to different people in Latin America, how these people all of a sudden came to be perceived as “underdeveloped”, and finally I explore how “development” is being practiced in the region of Quinatana Roo, Mexico. A region with the most Maya population in Mexico.

  •  "Home Away-Home"- a documentary on migration based on the migration experience of four Indiana residents and their families, accompanied by theoretical underpinnings.

  • "Patacancha, schools of the Quechua"- This video documents a journey taken across the department of Apurimac and Cusco in rural Peru, where bilingual intercultural schools were visited.


2013-2015: Member of the Board of Directors of Bloomington Pride – A non-profit organization that through community-based events and services, celebrates queer arts, creates safe and inclusive spaces, and challenges stereotypes to enrich LGBTQA community culture.


Nature, Traveling, Writing, Yoga, Taiji, Meditation, Pilates, Hiking, Biking, Art, Music, Canoeing, Writing, Dancing, Singing, and People.



  • - Education Leadership &
  • Policy Studies concentration Comparative International Education
  • M. A. Latin American &
  • Caribbean Studies
  • M.A. Applied Linguistics

    B.A. Social &
  • Global Studies concentration International Relations


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  • Arredondo, M. (2015) Suspensions and Expulsions in Indiana:A Status Report. The Equity Project, Center for Evaluation Education Policy, Indiana University.


  • The Discipline Disparities Collaborative Meeting #6 - Interventions for Reducing Discipline Disparities
  • 2013 Constructing democratic alternatives to traditional discipline: Citizenship education in an urban school. Inter-American Symposium on Ethnography and Education, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. September 18-22
  • Participated in the 2014 Institute for Curriculum Campus Internationalization-
  • (2012) The School to Prison Pipeline: A model for presenting the evidence Race Gender Discipline Disparities: Research to Practice Collaborative Meeting III Oakland, CA May 23-24
  • 2013 Disrupting traditional education in the name of intercultural citizenship formation: Schooling practices in Peru. American Anthropological Association (AAA) 112th, Chicago, Il.
  • Closing the School Discipline Gap: Research to Practice
  • Discipline Disparities: A research to practice Collaborative Meeting #7 - State and National Policy Experts: Perspectives on School Discipline
  • Discipline Disparities Research to Practice Collaborative working meeting.
  • 2012 Comparative perspectives on school climate and LGBT students and teachers. Comparative International Education Society, San Juan, PR. April 22-27, 2012
  • (2015). The Survival of Inequity in Discipline: The use of survival analysis in examining effects of types of student infraction behaviors on exclusionary discipline. Annual Conference of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Chicago, IL.,
  • Particiapted in two day workshop Undoing Racism.
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