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Cassandra Guarino
Associate Professor
W.W. Wright Education Building Room Wright Ed Bldg 4228
Phone : (812) 856-2927
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Department:  Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
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I am an associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. I obtained my PhD in the Economics of Education from Stanford University in 1999 with an emphasis on labor economics, after which I worked as an economist at the Rand Corporation and then as an assistant professor at Michigan State University. My research focuses on teacher quality, teacher labor markets, school choice, and issues in which health and education are linked. Recent work has included a study of value-added measures of teacher performance, a study of North Carolina teacher labor markets, and a study of the early identification of special needs. I currently lead an Institute of Education Sciences grant on methodological issues involved in value-added modeling. I have taught courses in economics of education, policy analysis, quantitative research methods, school choice, and microeconomics. 

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  • Dieterle, S., Guarino, C., Reckase, M., and Wooldridge, J. (Published online July 2014) How do Principals Assign Students to Teachers" Finding Evidence in Administrative Data and the Implications for Value-Added, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
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  • Zimmer, R. Guarino, C. (2013) Is There Evidence that Charter Schools Push Out Low-Performing Students" Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 35(4), 461-480.
  • Guarino, C. (2013) White Paper: Findings and Preliminary Recommendations from the Michigan State and Indiana University Research Study of Value-Added Models to Evaluate Teacher Performance. East Lansing: Education Policy Center at Michigan State University,
  • Guarino, C. (2013) Policy Brief: Highlights of the conference on Using Student Test Scores to Measure Teacher Performance: The State of the Art in Research and Practice. Education Policy Center, Michigan State University
  • Guarino, C. Tanner, J. (2012) Adequacy, Accountability, Autonomy, and Equity in a Middle Eastern School Reform: The Case of Qatar, International Review of Education, 58(2), pp. 221-245.
  • Guarino, C., Brown, A., Wyse, A. (2011) Can Districts Keep Good Teachers in the Schools that Need them Most" Economics of Education Review, 30(5), 962-975.
  • Guarino, C., Maxfield, M., Reckase, M., Thompson, P., and Wooldridge, J. (Accepted) An Evaluation of Empirical Bayes Estimation of Value-Added Teacher Performance Measures, Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics
  • Guarino, C., Reckase, M., Stacy, B. and Wooldridge, J. (Accepted) A Comparison of Growth Percentile and Value-Added Models of Teacher Performance, Statistics and Public Policy
  • Guarino, C., Reckase, and Wooldridge, J. (Accepted) Introduction to the special issue: Policy and research challenges of moving toward best practices in using student test scores to evaluate teacher performance, Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness.
  • Guarino, C., Reckase, M., Stacy, B., and Wooldridge, J. (Accepted) Evaluating Specification Tests in the Context of Value-Added Models of Teacher Performance, Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness
  • Stacy, B., Guarino, C., Reckase, M., and Wooldridge, J. (Under review) Does the Precision and Stability of Value-Added Estimates of Teacher Performance Depend on the Types of Students They Serve" Working paper #35, Michigan State University Education Policy Center,
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