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Gamze Ozogul
Assistant Professor
W.W. Wright Education Building Room 2222
Phone : (812) 856-8281
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Department:  Instructional Systems Technology



     B.S. in Curriculum and Instruction (Hacettepe University, Turkey), M.S. in Computer Education and Instructional Technology (Middle East Technical University, Turkey), Ph.D. in Educational Technology (Arizona State University), Post doctorate in Electrical Engineering (Arizona State University). Previously Assistant Research Professor in Electrical Engineering (ASU), Associate Director of Measurement and Evaluation (ASU), Research Manager (University of Phoenix), and Evaluation Consultant for Microsoft. Have experience both in academia and industry in evaluation, instructional design, research methods, multimedia design, feedback, problem solving, and teacher education, and expects to continue research in these areas.


Ozogul, G.; Miller C.F.; & Reisslein, M. (2017) Latinx and Caucasian Elementary School Children’s
        Knowledge of and Interest in Engineering Activities. Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education
        Research (J-PEER), 7:215-26.
Wisneski, J. E., Ozogul, G.& Bichelmeyer, B. A. (2017). Investigating the impact of learning       environments on undergraduate students' academic performance in a prerequisite and post-requisite
        course sequence. The Internet and Higher Education, 32, 1-10.

Ozogul, G., Reisslein J., & Reisslein M. (2016). K-12 Engineering Outreach: Design Decisions, Rationales, and Applications. International Journal of Designs for Learning. 7(2), 57-73.

Karlin, M., Ozogul, G., Miles, S. & Heide, S. (2016) The Practical Application of e-Portfolios in K-12 Classrooms: An Exploration of Three Web 2.0 Tools by Three Teachers. TechTrends, 1-7.

Wisneski, J., Ozogul, G., & Bichelmeyer, B.A. (2015). Does teaching presence transfer between MBA teaching environments? A comparative investigation of instructional design practices associated with teaching presence. The Internet and Higher Education, 25, 18-27.

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Ozogul, G., Johnson, A.M. & Reisslein, M. (2012) Technological Literacy Learning With Cumulative and Stepwise Integration of Equations Into Electrical Circuit Diagrams. IEEE Transactions on Education 55 (4), 480-487.

Moreno, R., Ozogul, G., & Reisslein, M. (2011). Using virtual peers to guide visual attention during learning: a test of the persona hypothesis. Journal of Educational Psychology. 103(1): 32-47.

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Reisslein, M., Moreno, R. & Ozogul, G. (July 2010) Pre-college electrical engineering instruction: the impact of abstract vs contextualized representation and practice on learning. Journal of Engineering Education. 99(3), 225-235.

Moreno, R., Reisslein, M., & Ozogul, G. (2009). Optimizing worked-example instruction in  electrical engineering: The role of fading and feedback during problem-solving practice. Journal of Engineering Education, 98, 83-92.

Ozogul, G., & Sullivan, H. (2009). Student performance and attitudes under formative evaluation by teacher, self and peer evaluators. Educational Technology Research and Development 57, 393-410.

Ozogul, G., Olina, Z., & Sullivan, H. (2008). Teacher, self- and peer evaluation of lesson plans written by preservice teachers. Educational Technology Research and Development 56, 181- 201.



  • Outstanding Article Award (2017) AECT, DDL 
  • Nominated by my doctoral student John Wisneski to the Outstanding Mentor Award in the School of Education at Indiana University



  • Journal of Computer Assisted Learning: Served as reviewer and reviewed article, provided feedback to authors
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