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Barbara Jeanne Erwin
Clinical Associate Professor
W.W. Wright Education Building Room Wright Ed 4222
Phone : (812) 856-8254
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Department:  Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Affiliations:  Educational Leadership , Academic Advising, Admissions, Educator Licensing
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Barbara Erwin currently serves as Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Indiana University at Bloomington. She is a retired school educator of over 35 years, having served as teacher, principal, and superintendent of schools. Her work experience has taken her to Arizona, Texas, Illinois as well as Indiana.

"I know from personal experience that American public education is not always succeeding in keeping pace with the needs of a global, knowledge-based economy. Frustration with this deficiency has thrust education into the public eye as never before. One of the by-products of this attention and frustration has been a plethora of new initiatives, and new products, that purport to meet these new demands. Even though most of these initiatives – and some of the products – have been rooted in a genuine desire to improve our schools, most have failed because they are fragmentary “quick fixes” (and sometimes “quick bucks”) with minimal staying power and minimal impact on teaching and learning. While K-12 education struggles with accountability; we see more and more disenfranchised students left behind. For any state to be successful; we must invest in preparaing moral and ethical leaders for ALL of our children, NOT just a select few."

Barbara also serves as the Executive Director of the Indiana University/Indiana Public School Partnershare.  Solving educational problems requires knowledge, understanding, and practice of those at all levels of schooling. Improvement in schools results when these multiple perspectives merge in cooperative efforts. The Indiana Public School/University Partnership (IPS/UP) was organized in 1986 to help stimulate this improvement by bringing together Indiana University and a cross section of Indiana public school corporations that share mutual interests in advancing education. Currently over 15 districts representing over 12% of the State's children are members.


  • Ed.D. Educational Administration, 1987, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
  • M.S. School Administration, 1984, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
  • B.S. Special Education, 1972, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN


  • Effective Leaders Academy


  • Attended and presented at the Hawaii Internation Conference on Education. Attended several sessions related to Online instruction and teaching.
  • Attend the IAPS Conferences for recruiting purposes
  • The State association for school principals. This organization provides necessary support and training for school principals. I hold an institutional membership for IU.
  • State association for School Boards.
  • I have been a member of AACE American Association for Computers in Education for 3 years. I try to attend one of their conference each year. In 2013 I attended the E-Learn conference in Las Vegas and attended the E-Learn 2013 Preconference Symposium Participants on MOOCs and Open Education.
  • The IASP annual meeting is each November. I coordinate IUs participation in a breakfast. Attending this meeting is critical to network with state principals and recruit to our EdD Program.
  • I submitted a paper and it was accepted for presentation in Jan 2014. Abstract is attached in supplemental.Title
  • High Tech and High Touch: Engaging Students in Online Instruction
  • Gave keynote presentation at the TACIT conference held at the IU School of Education in June 2010Topicj: Leadership the Challenge
  • High Tech and High Touch: Engaging Students in Online InstructionThe purpose of this presentation is to describe methods and techniques that have been successful in Online teaching in one professors graduate course. Online instruction is a disruptive innovation. Distance Education and concepts such as demostrated compentency versus credit hours are distruptive innovations for higher education. Embracing these disruptions is difficult within our current educational mode. It is only human nature to fall back on what is known and comfortable, thus we find ourselves measuring the success of disruptive innovation by using measures for the process we are trying to disrupt!
  • The state association for school superintendents. This organization is heavily tied to legistlation and training for superintendents. It is a good group to assist IU in recruiting.
  • Attend many of their regional meetings and workshops to stay tuned to new work in the field


  • Indiana University/Public School Partnershare: "The Partnershare" was organized in 1986 and has undergone several changes in the last 5 years. The Partnershare was organized to help stimulate improvement in schools by bringing together Indiana University and a cross section of Indiana schools that share a mutual interest in advancing education. Of the total of 200 plus school districts in Indiana, the 16 school districts that make up the Partnershare represent about 12 % of the total Indiana population of students and reflect the entire spectrum of citizens in Indiana. The unique group of rural, urban and suburban, both large and small is geographically distributed across the state. Current program initiatives include 3 mini symposiums a year.
  • Bloomington Fringe Benefits Committee: Served as member on the committee for 2010
  • Indiana Principal's Association Breakfast: Organize IU's participation with Ball State, Purdue and Indiana State in a joint Breakfast at the Principal's Association in November.
  • Host to Visiting Scholar Mustafa Samacioglu: Mustafa SAMANCIOGLU. I'm working at University of Gaziantep in Turkey as an assistant professor in the field of Educational Leadership. I'm head of primary education department.I want to study at your university as a Visiting Scholar.
  • Committee on Learning and Teaching with Technology: I continue to be a member of this committee. This year we have created a process for reviewing our online courses. I volunteered to review two online courses and then my courses were reviewed. We want our national ranking to improve. We also established grant opportunities for innovative work in educational technology. We hosted a showcase in the school of education of these projects in Dec 2015/Jan 2016.
  • BFC Technology Policy Commitee: This committee advises regarding technology policy for campus.
  • Ad Hoc Committee to Reivew Distance Education Proposals: Following is the memo that was sent to invite participants: On a short timeline, we have found that this will be the first of three years during which deans on the core campuses will include proposals for distance education offerings in their budget reports as a means to place them in consideration for support (marketing, development) to get those offerings launched. These will not necessarily be fully completed proposals at the time of the budget reports this year.The Cabinet decided this week that, although the timing is short, we will solicit one page proposals across the SoE in case there are programs planning, or about to plan, online offerings (see the Call attached). I was asked to convene an ad hoc committee for this purpose. I am inviting you to lend your expertise and perspective to this ad hoc committee. We will review proposals (see the proposal format attached) and--should there be enough of them--to recommend priorities between them. I understand that proposals would go forward in budgets separately on the two campuses, but the committee will meet jointly so that we do not end up working at cross purposes.I anticipate this committee will meet once, with some pre-review of proposals in advance. Our timeline is simple -- the call will go out tomorrow or Thursday with a due date of January 31, with our recommendations to Pat and Gerardo by February 11.
  • Master's Degree Program Coordinator: I am responsible for advising all Master Degree students. In addition I handle at least 5 requests for information from students on a weekly basis. With our ONLINE program now in its 2nd year, these requests have and continue to increase.
  • Indiana University Administrators Alumni Association: I serve as the director of this association. I coordinate our annual summer conference. We continue to increase our attendance. I have included an agenda from the Summer 2011 conference in the Supplementary Comments.
  • Fringe Benefits Committee: I am in my third year serving on the Faculty Benefits Committee. We continue to discuss health care changes and support for faculty. We have put forth a resolution concerning notification of fringe benefit changes, which has been approved by the Faculty Benefit Committee
  • Superintendent Licensure Program Coordinator: I work with all advance degree students (EdS, EdD or PhD) who want to get an Indiana Superintendent's license with their degree. This requires A785, an Internship in Central Office Administration which I direct. I teach A785 and like A680 it has not counted as a load, due to the irregularity of students pursuing this. However, with that said, I have 8 students this year.
  • Professional Development Initiative: I was asked to write a proposal for a PD Initiative for the School of Education. The document is attached in the Supplementary section. As of to date, the school has still not made any final decisions.
  • KFS Training: With the RIF of one of the staff for the Partnershare, I have become responsible for all procurement, hospitality requests, cash receipts, Disbursement vouchers, etc for all my service groups: The Partnershare, IUSAA and Southeastern Study Council. In 2013 I took all the training with our new financial system. I continue to learn this system.
  • SOUTHEASTERN INDIANA STUDY COUNCIL: I am the executive director for the Southeastern Indiana School Study Council (SIESC). This study council was organized in 1974 to provide a basis for cooperation that would facilitate the growth and development of educational programs common to member school corporations. It was thought that educational concerns could be studied in a group setting with greater meaning and understanding for those involved. The primary purpose of this study council is to meet the numerous challenges of education today and be aware of the changes that are constantly occurring in education. The study council's aim's include: 1) cooperative study of educational problems common to member districts
  • 2) the diffusion of effective educational practices
  • and 3) the encouragement of active participation of school boards, school administration, teachers, pupils and parents and other community members in planning and upgrading the educational programs of member districts. The study council remains strong over it 3 decades of history with a stable membership of 21 school districts.
  • International Online Learning Conference: I accepted the invitation to serve on the 2014 Program Planning Committee for the 2014 IOL conference.Our responsibilities at this point are: 1)Identify and recommend keynote speakers2)Cultivate colleagues to submit items for consideration by the committee3)Evaluate and rank order received proposals4)Facilitate sessions as available (use Sign Up Genius in February)
  • Indiana University Administator Alumni Association: This is our association of our former graduates in school administration. (I was actually a charter member) We used 2009 as a planning and focus year. We met with members who would join us and our department faculty. We planned a summer conference in 2010 with the collaboration from CEEP, the School Law Faculty and Regional Education Labs in Chicago. We were able to host a summer conference on Turn Around Schools in June 2010 that was a huge success. We worked with REL, thanks to Martha McCarthy's connections. (We are again in the planning stages for the 2011 conference with REL. ) We had over 100 participants, netted approximately $3000.
  • Advisory Council for TX A&
  • M school of human development: Advisory board member for the College of Education and Human Development for Texas A&
  • M University.
  • Lectures and Seminars Committee: Responsible for bringing scholarly lectures and seminars to campus.
  • Proposal Reviewer TC Press: Reviewer of the proposal for Preventing Special Education Litigation: 8 Legal Lesson Plans by Gina Umpstead of Central Michigan University, Janet Decker of Indiana University, David Schimmel of University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Kevin Brady and Matthew Militello of North Carolina State University.
  • Indiana University Administrator Alumni Association: This is our association of former Educational Leadership Graduates. We present a summer conference &
  • BBQ annually which I organize and plan. I also handle all hospitality requests and other staff items formally handled by a staff member who I had to RIF due to funding. Our conference attendance keeps growing. This year we named the Law and Policy Panel after Martha McCarthy. I was responsible for organizing the luncheon in her honor at the Tudor Room.
  • Indiana University/Public School Partnershare: I act as the director for this Partnershare. We host 3 mini-symposiums and 2 business/breakfast meetings. The Purpose:Solving educational problems requires knowledge, understanding, and practice of those at all levels of schooling. Improvement in schools results when these multiple perspectives merge in cooperative efforts. The Indiana Public School/University Partnership (IPS/UP) was organized in 1986 to help stimulate this improvement by bringing together Indiana University and a cross section of Indiana public school corporations that share mutual interests in advancing education.Of the total 295 Indiana school districts, the 16 school districts in the Partnership represent 12 percent of the total Indiana student population and reflect the entire spectrum of citizens in Indiana.The unique group ? rural, urban, and suburban districts, both large and small ? is geographically distributed throughout the state. Indiana University brings to the Partnership its reputation in higher education, as well as its facilities in the Center for Excellence in Education, to the mutual problem solving that is integral to the partnership concept. Each IPS/UP member has an equal voice in the decision making which governs the Partnership. Through these multiple perspectives, the problems, solutions, and realities of contemporary education are addressed.
  • Indiana University/Public School Partnershare JAN BREAKFAST MEETING WITH TONY BENNETT: Held Jan 2012 Partnershare Breakfast Meeting with Dr. Tony Bennett
  • He "rolled out" his new plan for failing schools. We had over 30 members in attendance.
  • Technology Policies Committee: This is a university wide committee that deals with policy issues related to technology and learning.
  • School Leadership &
  • Management: Reviewer for manuscript, entitled Elementary School Principals' Tacit Knowledge for Leading Schools to Improved Student Achievement
  • New Superintendent's Academy with Indiana Association of School Superintendents (IASSP): I have been coordinating meetings with JT Coopman, Director of the IASSP to develop a new initiative for Superintendents in Indiana. Our plan is to begin with NEW superintendents but to expand to a renewal process for existing superintendents. We hope to tie this to our work with placement of superintendents. I am attaching a working draft of this initiative. It is our plan to begin this academy in Summer of 2014.
  • EdS Program Coordinator: I am responsible for advising all students pursuing the EdS degree. I am also responsible for directing the Capstone project A680. I teach this course, but it does not count as a load, as students are few and take it when needed. I work with 2-5 students annually.
  • Nominations and Election Committee: Served as a member in 2010
  • Bloomington Faculty Council Benefits Committee: This committee works on Faculty/Staff benefits. We recently worked on a resolution that went to BFC on reporting Benefits to IU Faculty. (in light of the increase in health costs)
  • Southeasten Indiana Education Study Council: I am the executive director for the Southeastern Indiana Education Study Council. Agenda that I have arranged for 2010-11 includes:2010-2011 Indiana Study Council SpeakersSeymour, INThurs, Sept 9, 2010Pat Mapes with the DOEThurs, Oct 7, 2010Jane Herndon on ReferendumsThurs, Nov 11, 2010Dave Emmert on LegalThurs, Dec 9, 2010Terry Goodin on LegislationThurs, Jan 13, 2011Terry Spradlin on CEEP Thurs, Feb 10, 2011Roland Dorson with the Indpls. ChamberThurs, Mar 10, 2011Rick Dawson with Channel 8 (tentative)Fri, April 22, 2011Secretary?s Event TBAFri, June 10, 2011Retreat at Hotel Nashville
  • Learning and Teaching with Technology Committee: A new committee We are charged with reviewing policy, determining if there is additional policy needed, advice/ideas to tech for implementation, reviewing distance education courses.
  • Host for Visiting Scholar, Wang Pu: I am co-host with Don Warren for one of our visiting scholars, Wang Pu.
  • Masters in Educational Leadership: I am coordinator of the MS program. I answer at least 3 requests for information a day. I send out a letter with information
  • if I do not hear back
  • I send out a reminder. I was responsible for sending out 4 separate eblasts for recruitment purposes. I have created lists of superintendents, principals and teachers that I send to. Once these blast go out
  • I get on average at least 10 inquiries. I always answer a response immediately and no less than within 24 hours. Often times I will have a prospective student call if they have questions not answered by email. This personal touch creates a high touch with our high tech (online) program.
  • Coordinator for Principal and Superintendent Licensure: I act as coordinator for candidates seeking either license. Beginning August 1, 2015, I will coordinate only the principal licensure.I work with our candidates on course selection and schedule
  • as well as information about the state test (when, where, costs, etc.) I also introduce them to LVIS the state's system for application. I review all requests for licensure from our certification office. It is my responsibility to follow the legislative action, for any changes in licensing. As an example, there was a push to have superintendents to have a masters degree only. Many of our students called me and asked about this. It did not pass. As mentioned earlier I handled both licenses until August 1, 2015. We now have additional Clinical faculty.
  • Indiana University/Public School Partnership: I serve as the executive director. We have changed our model of delivery of services to include 3 mini-symposiums with Indiana University. For the 2010 year we have worked with CEEP, Kelley School of Business and the School of Education, Educational Psychology. In addition we host 3 business meetings
  • one with the IU Dean
  • one with the State Superintendent of Schools and one with the Partnershare board.
  • Learning and Teaching with Technology Committee: I was chair of this newly appointed committee for year one
  • We are currently working on many agendas, including e-texts
  • physical plant changes. We also have discussed MOOCs and their role at Indiana University. I have organized focus groups with Indiana area high school students. ( I utilize the IU Partnershare group of technology directors that I coordinate). These focus groups allowed for input from incoming college students and what they expect regarding technology.
  • IU Partnershare Technology Committee: This is a group of School District Technology Directors. We meet monthly and work on varies technology issues. I am responsible for the agendas and handling all meeting arrangements
  • including doing the paperwork for hospitality requests formerly done by a paid staff member that our Partnershare had to RIF.
  • Dean's Advisiory Council for Texas A&
  • M College of Education and Human Development: I have been a member since I was a superintendent in Texas. I attend the meetings, as often as time permits.
  • Dean's Advisiory Council for Texas A&
  • M College of Education and Human Development: I have been a member of this council, since my days as a superintendent in Texas. I attend as often as time permits.
  • University Faculty Council Benefits Committee: I serve as co-chair for University Faculty Council Benefits Committee with IUPUI member.
  • Principal Licensure Coordinator: I work with all students getting their Indiana Administrative School Administrator License. I have really worked at increasing these numbers with our ONLINE program. Students now can receive the necessary course work within ONE calendar year. This design has created much interest.
  • PDK: I am president for 2010 of the Alpha Chapter of PDK. During my tenure, we have revamped the leadership team, added webinars, a blog by Vic Smith (similar to the original Rose Report), updated newsletter both electronic and print.
  • Lecture and Seminar Committee: I have been chair for 2010
  • David Labaree was our speaker through the Miller lecture series
  • Indiana Southeastern Study Council: I direct and arrange monthly programming for the Southeastern Education Study Council. Agenda of meetings is found in supplementary Commnets.
  • PDK IU Chapter: Serving my third year as chapter president.
  • Clincial Faculty Committee: A committee that is working on standards for clinical faculty.
  • NCATE/SPA Coordinator: I am responsible for handling much of NCATE/SPA as it relates to our work with Licensure students, both Principal and Superintendent.
  • Dean's Advisiory Council for Texas A&
  • M College of Education and Human Development: I have been a member since I was a superintendent in Texas. I attend the meetings, as often as time permits.
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