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Adam V. Maltese
Associate Professor of Science Education / Adjunct Faculty in Geological Sciences
W.W. Wright Education Building Room 3054
Phone : (812) 856-8059
Fax: (812) 856-8116
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Department:  Curriculum and Instruction
Affiliations:  Center for Research on Learning and Technology, Secondary Education , Science Education , Center for Evaluation and Educational Policy, Make, Innovate, Learn Lab (MILL)
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My current research involves analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data regarding student experiences, performance and engagement in science education from middle school through graduate school. More recently, we've begun work that uses eye tracking technologies to study the interpretation of data by students and scientists in classroom and field-based settings.

Main Research Projects:

Data Interpretation along the Novice-Expert Continuum

Learning from the Learner's Point of View

Student Interest in Science

Undergraduate Scientists: Measuring the Outcomes of Research Experiences from multiple perspectives


Click here to view a visualization of STEM Degree Data from 1966-2010 plotted across the United States


I currently teach courses in secondary science methods and a doctoral research seminar at the School of Education. In addition, I lead a seminar for doctoral students in the sciences who plan to pursue academic careers and are interested in improving their teaching skills. Across campus, I teach lab sections to undergraduates in the Department of Geological Sciences. Affiliated courses:

M346/Q546 - Secondary Science Methods

Q528 - Demonstration and Field Strategies in Science (online courses focused on Geology/Biology or Archaelogy/Geology)

Q620 - University Science Teaching

G105 - Our Habitable Planet

G271 - Introduction to Environmental Field Methods


  • Ph.D. Science Education, May 2008, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  • M.S. Geology, May 2003, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
  • B.A. Geology, May 1997, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY


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  • Organized Symposium on STEM Education in Asia and the United States October 21-22, 2014 at IUs Gateway Office in Beijing, China


  • National Summer Learning Association: Research Advisory Committee ? this involves two meetings each year along with review of reports and agendas.
  • National Science Foundation: Participated in review panels to review grant proposals for funding.
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