School of Education Community

To prepare for the changing landscape of education, you need to experience it firsthand. As one of the leading schools of education in the United States, we attract students from many backgrounds who want to get a front-row seat to the future of education.

To take advantage of all the opportunities available for you to experience the diversity of the school, we encourage you to explore your options as either an undergraduate or graduate student.

Prospective and Current Undergraduate Students

Prospective and Current Graduate Students

  • Explore our more than 90 graduate programs.
  • Get advice from other graduate students. Connect with a Goodwill Ambassador or a University Graduate School Student Emissary. It’s a great way to get a student’s perspective on navigating Indiana University and the Bloomington community. And once you master the school, you can join these organizations and help other graduate students.
  • Participate in diversity-related research by connecting with our faculty and centers and institutes, or find an assistantship doing research in your area of interest.
  • Attend a “Brothers Breaking Bread” luncheon, hosted monthly by the school’s Office of Recruitment and Retention for Underrepresented Students to promote engagement and fellowship among underrepresented populations. Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students attend the luncheons along with faculty, staff, and administrators, most of whom are from diverse backgrounds.
  • Attend guest lectures, participate in special events, and socialize with other students and faculty. Find out what’s going on through our School of Education Events Calendar.