Saturday Science Quest for Kids

Course Information

Fall Program: October 14 – November 11

  • K-1: Icky Sticky Science (limited to 24 students)

    Let's get messy as we work like engineers to solve problems using MATTER. We'll use our critical thinking and scientific skills to experiment with solids and liquids and observe how they can change!

  • 2-3: We will huff and puff—will your design blow down? (limited to 24 students)

    Join us this fall to explore the different materials used in building structures. Let’s learn all about the problems associated with engineering designs and generate solutions to solve them.

  • 4-5: Let’s Save Our Planet! (limited to 24 students)

    Are you interested in the environment? Are you interested in engineering? Come join us as we consider how to engineer more earth-friendly household products to lessen our carbon footprint.

  • 6-8: Nature Inspired (limited to 24 students)

    Are you looking for a more efficient way of doing something? Chances are nature has already figured it out. The idea of flight came from nature and so did Velcro. Could you imagine a life without Velcro? Join us this fall as we investigate nature inspired solutions to everyday problems.

  • New! 9-10: EXPLORE, ENGINEER AND MAKE (limited to 10 students)

    Come explore the Make Innovate Learn Lab at the School of Education. We’ll use low- and high-tech tools to explore STEM ideas. Participants will design, build, tinker and create in the Makerspace.

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