Program for Academic Resources and Counseling Services (PARCS)

PARCS is an IU School of Education partnership with Grandview Elementary School focused on strengthening school psychological services and fostering advantageous learning environments for at-risk students.

Graduate and advanced undergraduate students work directly with the students, their teachers, and their families to bridge the void between the theory and practice.


  1. To contribute to the body of evidence-based research.
  2. To translate this research to practices that improve the lives of school age students.
  3. To train school psychology practitioners to become positive change agents in the lives of children, their families, and schools.

Services are available in English and Spanish and include:

  • Academic tutoring and intervention implementation
  • Small group and individual solution-focused counseling
  • Parent education/training
  • Teacher professional development
  • Psychoeducational and psychological evaluation

For additional information please contact Dr. Rebecca Martinez.

Program for Academic Resources and Counseling Services (PARCS) (formerly the Academic Resource Clinic for K-8 Students [ARCS]) was founded by Dr. Rebecca Martinez and launched in Spring 2015 with funding from the Indiana University School of Education.