MILL Makerspace

Are you looking for new ways to engage learners through making?

The Make, Innovate, Learn Lab (MILL) Makerspace (Room 2260 in the School of Education) is a space for interested educators, curious tinkerers, and inspired inventors who are looking for a place where they can learn skills and access tools and guidance to turn their ideas into reality. Our goal is for the MILL to be a space where IUB students and faculty can pursue teaching, learning and research on making that bridge across multiple disciplines.

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Equipped with a variety of tools such as a 3-D scanner and 3-D printers, laser cutter, sewing machines, vinyl cutter, CNC router and soldering irons, the MILL provides the equipment needed to make just about anything – both low-tech and high-tech.

The MILL is a space where educators from formal and informal settings can explore the tools that will allow them to engage others in creativity, problem-solving, and deep learning. To get started on learning a new skill or to reserve the MILL for your classes, please review the MILL calendar and send an email to millsoe@indiana.edu.

The MILL is currently directed by Adam Maltese.