What is INSITE?

INSITE is an initiative from the Indiana University – Bloomington School of Education for use in Indiana schools designed to provide a system for converting data into actionable information to empower the teaching-learning process. The goals of INSITE are to shorten the feedback loop for data to become actionable information so that teachers have measurable criteria to confirm student progress, to enable each district to establish meaningful thresholds for students in their district so that interventions can occur prior to an education crisis, and to empower school decision makers with data presented in a way that they can visualize so as to promote data driven decision making.

Why is INSITE needed?

K-12 school districts gather an overwhelming amount of data on students; however, little of the torrents of data flowing to the classroom is usable by teachers. This is due in part to the volume of data that is available, but more critically this is due to the fact that data are not presented in an intuitive user friendly format. Additionally, most data are summative in nature. There is an immediate need for a system that will present educators with the data that are important for each child and that can be provided in a formative and easy to understand manner.

How does INSITE work?

Via the Ed-Fi set of technologies member school districts’ data will be connected with the INSITE ED-Fi operational data store (ODS), which allows the various educational databases (such as student information systems, transportation, food service, and assessments) used by school districts to speak to each other. Unlike a data warehouse or archive, the ODS is continually updated with current data. As the data are fed through the ODS, the data dashboards provide open source, customizable templates for analyzing and visualizing data.

How will INSITE using Ed-Fi keep student information secure?

Security has been a cornerstone principle of Ed-Fi technology from the very beginning. They have drawn on tenets for secure software design to establish a technical foundation that delivers:

  • Protection from disclosure (confidentiality) through extensive encryption
  • Protection from alteration (integrity) by use of hashing
  • Protection from destruction (availability) by architecting the Ed-Fi ODS/API and Dashboards for fault tolerance.

The Ed-Fi Alliance has also taken a layered approach to authenticating users and authorizing access based on the user’s role. This ensures that data are protected at every step along the pipeline, from collection to classroom use. By building with trusted industry approaches, the Ed-Fi Alliance has made it much simpler for an agency or their vendor to maintain and keep pace with improvements.

ed fi example

What can you do to help?

Please take a moment to express your support for the concept of this initiative by completing and submitting the following form. This does not commit the individual or the district that they represent to any future relationship with INSITE.