Reaching out to do our part to improve communities at the local, state, national, and international levels is an important part of our mission. As educators, we are eager to create environments where learners are engaged and encouraged to achieve.

Our outreach programs include:

  • I-CARE (International Counseling, Advocacy, and Research & Education Project), a program that gives faculty and undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to be involved in fundraising and in creating and implementing programs in counseling, assessment, and public health education in sub-Saharan Africa, an area of the world where programs like this are most needed.
  • INSITE (Indiana Student Information To Empower) is an initiative for use in Indiana schools designed to provide a system for converting data into actionable information to empower the teaching-learning process.
  • The Make, Innovate, Learn Lab (or the "MILL") is a place where students and faculty can learn and develop hands on approaches for teaching subjects ranging from art to the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and math.
  • The Partners in Education program, which encourages middle school students to set a goal of attending college.
  • The Program for Academic Resources and Counseling Services (PARCS) is an IU School of Education partnership with Grandview Elementary School focused on strengthening school psychological services and fostering advantageous learning environments for at-risk students.
  • The Saturday Art School Program and Science Quest for Kids, two long-running programs that give local children an opportunity to explore their talents in art or science while our pre-service teachers work side-by-side with our expert educators to learn the best techniques for motivating students to be confident learners.
  • Slam Camp, A Performance Poetry Intensive, seeks to promote literacy, communication skills, and critical citizenship through the practice of poetry slam, and to inspire teens everywhere to embrace their identities as writers and performers.