iRubric is an innovative online educational tool that is used to assess student work through the use of rubrics. Rubrics are an excellent way to communicate expectations for student performance on assignments and projects. With iRubric, you can establish criteria, define a grading scale, and provide detailed feedback for students all within the OnCourse’s Gradebook function. The Office of Education Technology Services worked with the Office of Teacher Education and the Oncourse Admin team to integrate iRubric, the Rcampus software for rubrics, into Oncourse CL within the Gradebook function so IU faculty could use it more effectively.

Who Can Use iRubric?

iRubric is available to any faculty or instructor in the School of Education on the Bloomington campus. All EDUC courses have immediate access to the tool. Combined courses will automatically have the iRubric access the day after they are created. A process is automatically run each night by the OnCourse team that provides the tool. Contact the IC office or for assistance with access.

The software is available to any Indiana University campus or school for a fee. Contact for licensing details.

Additional Resources
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  • Assessing Student Performance: A web resource with information about rubrics
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  • Rcampus iRubric tutorials: A gallery of tutorials about iRubric use in the Rcampus environment
  • iRubric Training Manual: A manual that explains how to use the iRubric software
  • IU Knowledge Base (search for iRubric)