Student Spotlights

Terrye Green

Terrye Green

Terrye Green

Sophomore, Secondary Education

Teaching is the only thing I ever wanted to do.

For most students, college is a time to explore their various interests. They take courses in different fields to help discover the career that is best suited and most appealing to them. Terrye Green made her career decision years ago. "I don't know how people can not want to be involved in education because it touches everything."

How did she know so early that teaching was right for her? She had a great role model. Terrye's mother is a personal aid/mentor to special needs students, and she showed her daughter what it means to be called to teach. Terrye's mother shared the celebrations and frustrations that come with this career. She and her colleagues encouraged Terrye to volunteer in their classrooms and decide for herself if this was her calling. Those who were her teachers became her mentors, and their counsel was invaluable. "It's incredible how much people need someone in their corner. I want to be that someone."

What were the factors that shaped her decision to become an education major? First and foremost, you have to have a passion for it. She compared several education programs and felt that field experience stood out as an important component. She was not convinced that studying teaching offered as much preparation as actual experience in the classroom. "A lot of people learn a great deal from their field experience, and it is a valuable aspect to your life as an education major." She wanted a program that offered real-world experience in the classroom so she could gain positive and negative experience.

She visited schools in Indiana and Chicago before deciding to enroll at Indiana University. She says it's not fair to other schools when prospective students visit Bloomington. Once she visited the campus, there was no way she would go anywhere else. She has been thrilled with her choice.

While she was confident about which school to attend, she was undecided about elementary or secondary education. She sat in on classes and talked with students from both majors to get a better understanding. "I can tell you definitely that secondary is for me. I am really excited about teaching middle school." Middle school - really? How can she be so sure? Terrye has a clear explanation. "Not every kid has a good experience with middle school. It's when you choose to love school or survive it."

Terrye was proactive in applying for scholarships to defray some of the costs of college. She applied for and won several smaller scholarships. She also became a Hudson-Holland Scholar. The combination of these scholarships provided a great amount of support so she could achieve her dream. "I am really blessed to be here."

When asked what has been most surprising about her experience with the School of Education so far, she replied, "The faculty are invested in making sure that you know what you need to learn. They make it clear that occasionally you will fail, and that is part of learning." What works for one class may not work for another. She is developing capabilities to recognize what did not work and adapt as necessary. Terrye believes that, "You cannot stay in your comfort zone. You have to let yourself fail to enter new experiences."

It's incredible how much people need someone in their corner. I want to be that someone.Terrye has embraced new experiences inside and outside the classroom. She joined the Phi Mu house, where a number of her sorority sisters are also education majors. She also joined Best Buddies and plans to join UNITE. "It's impossible to say that IU has one community because there are so many different places where you can fit." She enjoys wearing different hats and being involved with different groups. She feels this is what college is about - to see what you will like for life.

She and her academic advisor are already planning her entire schedule. She wants to incorporate classes for a license addition to those required for her major. She hasn't decided which license addition to pursue, but she knows English as a New Language and Special Education are two of the best to complement her Secondary Education major. Her goal is to teach in an urban environment, and she plans to do the urban project in Chicago for her student teaching.

She is definitely called to teach.