Teacher Education

The Office of Teacher Education at the Indiana University School of Education supports undergraduate and graduate students as they pursue their teaching degrees, gain experience, and obtain licensure.

We are here to support you as you:

  • Keith C. Barton, Associate Dean for Teacher Education
  • Jill Shedd, Assistant Dean for Teacher Education
  • Janet Matson Fox, Department Administrator
  • Rebecca Baugh, Undergraduate Recorder
  • Cindy Bell, Student Services Assistant
  • Carlin C. Schrag, Admissions Services Coordinator, Teacher Education Program
  • Nancy Boatner, Implementation Manager, Global Gateway for Teachers 
  • Andy Bosk, Director of Career Connections
  • Tamara Clark, Office Manager, Global Gateway for Teachers
  • Michele Cox, Student Services Assistant
  • Morgan Ellis, Master Student, Placement Coordinator for Early Field Experiences
  • Mary Fisher, Lead Academic Advisor
  • Helena Flores, Ph.D. Student, Job Search Advisor, CCO
  • Melissa Fulford, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Director of the Direct Admit Scholars Program
  • Lisa Garrett, Career Connections Assistant
  • Samantha Hedges, Ph.D. Student, Associate Instructor
  • Kim Howard, Ph.D. Student, Associate Instructor
  • Tyna Hunnicutt, Director of Early Field Experiences
  • Caree Jent, Student Services Assistant
  • Renée Kiser, Undergraduate Assistant Recorder
  • Torie Millican-Krieger, Student Services Assistant
  • Ahmed Lachheb, Graduate Assistant, PhD Student
  • Eric Layman, Associate Instructor
  • Antonia Leotsakos, Direct Admit Advisor
  • Emily McCord, Academic Advisor
  • Dan Melnick, Associate Director of Career Connections
  • Katie Paulin, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Professional Community
  • Tybytha Ryan, Ph.D. Student, Placement Coordinator for Early Field Experiences
  • Jacob Sewell, Student Services Assistant
  • Dorothy Slota, Program Assistant, Global Gateway for Teachers
  • Laura L. Stachowski, Director, Global Gateway for Teachers; Faculty, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Letha Taylor, Director of Student Teaching & School Community Relations
  • Tammy Thatcher, Licensing & Scheduling Officer
  • David To, Academic Advisor
  • Amy Wang, Graduate Assistant
  • Heather Winne, Assistant Director of Clinical Experiences
  • Ross Wood, Master Student, Survey and Data Analyst
  • Denise Wyatt, Director of Academic Records and Reporting, Student & Information Management Services
Contact Us

Ask us a question, or stop by our office in W.W. Wright Education, Suite 1000. We are always available to help answer your questions about programs, school visits, financial aid, and other issues:

Teacher Education Office
W.W. Wright Education Building
201 North Rose Avenue
Bloomington, Indiana 47405-1006
Phone: (812) 856-8500